“The doctor and team have cleaned my teeth for years! They take such great care of their patients. The front office team members are wonderful as well!”

Brittney C.

“Blue Ridge Dentistry is the best dentist. The team members don't miss anything and are so thorough with their procedures and answers to any and all questions. My endless questions about dental hygiene were met with kindness, understanding, and answers. I highly recommend this office.”

Kimberley P.

“Great experience. The doctors and team members are awesome! They make you feel like family and have provided me with the best dental care!”

Brian R.

“Everyone at Blue Ridge Dentistry was phenomenal! I am so glad that I chose them as my dentist!”

Stephany G.

“The doctor and team are amazing. Going to use them as my regular dentist from now on.”

Patrick S.

“I was treated with kindness and professionalism. I highly recommend Blue Ridge Dentistry.”

Peter H.

“I have only been to Blue Ridge Dentistry once and had a great experience. They have a friendly and welcoming team. The doctor is amazing and cares. I highly recommend this office.”

Rebecca H.

“The team at Blue Ridge Dentistry is the best in the business at making you feel calm and comfortable.”

Jason J.

“Extremely kind team! They made the experience a lot more pleasant and they are super understanding of everything. They didn’t try to push unnecessary things.”


“The team made me feel really comfortable. The whole team was absolutely amazing and very understanding. The services I received were very affordable.”

Jessica M.

“The doctor is wonderful!”

Yikes D.

“Very professional team! I recommend Blue Ridge Dentistry to anyone! They treat you just like family.”

Stephanie P.

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